From My Heart To Yours



We work so hard towards achieving certain ideals that we begin to lose a part of ourself. But, at what cost? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that.That’s not the point.The point is to not lose yourself in the process.The point is to love yourself enough to not let that happen.

Self love, such an underappreciated quality to have.How can one expect love from others when you don’t do that to yourself?Especially, when every single thing is laid out on the internet for us.Telling us that what we are or what we should be and pushing us towards societies ideal.



Now, as you guys are reading this, you must be wondering – tell me something I don’t know already, tell me something that I haven’t read or watched on the internet atleast once everyday,because that’s how necessary it has become for people to spread it that often and to remind each other what really matters.And at the end of the day what should really matter is your well being and the people around you.



So here I am listing down certain points that I think is important to remind ourselves of who we truly are:

  • Always give yourself some ‘me’ time.
  • Put yourself first,but not at the cost of others’ living.
  • Learn to let yourself gain from your own mistakes (Because even though you may have lost now, there’s always tomorrow).
  • Change is never bad but not always necessary.
  • Always have a secret that belongs only to you (Again, not something harmful to you or others around you).
  • No matter how difficult the situation gets, there’s always a solution,your only options are to either wait for someone to find it or you find it yourself.
  • Never lose hope (I truly believe in this.No matter how clichéd  it may sound,hope can be a very powerful tool in at your time of need).
  • Don’t let anybody decide how you should feel about yourself.
  • Always be true to yourself.(I know sometimes it may seem easier to just believe. what others tell you but it’s never right).
  • Always go with your gut, unless you or someone else know for sure.
  • Always know, that the way you judge people is who you truly are inside (Because only then can you truly imagine those things ).
  • Everyday should be a new thing learned.It can be from the smallest change to the biggest discovery.
  • Respect everyone just because they deserve it and not because they demanded it.

And those were all the things I wanted to cover today, I hope you guys read till the end and I would love to hear your thoughts on this

So please,do comment and let me know your thoughts and pointers you would like to share. I will see you guys in my next blog post!

XOXO , Dimpy

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