Trying Out Products From Estrella (Review)


Hey guys!!

We’re way past the half way mark for 2017, and it’s time for a change.Soon summer will be over and winter is most certainly coming (haha! how about that finale, am I right ?).But if you live near the equator, summer never truly leaves.And after that full on summer we are left with a partial one i.e rain and shine along with humidity. So When I received these products from Estrella I was super excited as they were about to address my summer and humidity skin issues.

What I received:

Intenso Lightening Polish Face Scrub

A highly effective treatment based exfoliator (Face scrub) that removes dead cells and reveals clean, glowing skin.

This Rejuvenating Night Cream repairs skin at cellular level and gives  glowing, firmer skin.
After using these two products religiously (as recommended) for over two weeks, here are my thoughts!
So straight off the bat – Intenso lightening polish Face scrub is definitely my favourite out of the two.The reason being, it helped target my skin problem which is removing tan or uneven skintone from certain areas of my face.People with a higher melanin content ( generally brown or olive tone people) face this issue of uneven discoloration.Especially during summer,the sun’s exposure makes it worse.That’s where this product comes to play.It’s a nano bead scrub and mask of sorts. The recommended application is once a week or once in 4-5 days.You take the required amount on your fingers and apply a thin layer all over your face or targeting the problem areas.leaving it in for 3 minutes followed by some light scrubing and wash it off.It’s super easy and I really enjoyed the results I started noticing it right away ( you really do see a difference).My problem areas are definitely the forehead and the area near my mouth,which gets tanned the most.Especially since I do have to shoot outdoors a LOT.No amount of SPF can counter the long hours.
1.Super effective in removing tan lines, dead skin cells and even some old scars
2.Suitable for all skin types
3.The scrub is gentle on the skin and does not leave it feeling dry
4.A perfect 2 in 1 deal – with a mask/scrub
5.Super easy to use
6.Doesn’t require much time to complete the process
1.Not suitable for acne prone or hyper sensitive skin
2.Results can be slow(but steady) depending on the individual
Moving on to the second product which was the intenso repair and renew night cream.By now I’ve gone through my fair share of trying out atleast 3-4 different night creams to see which one serves me better.And this night cream definitely comes under the ones I liked! It’s everything a night cream should be.Once you wake up in the morning your face should feel like it’s glowing from within and that should happen every morning.Plus it also comes with anti ageing properties like collagen that helps fill in fine lines and reduces it’s appearance (it’s better to start early,especially if you’re in your twenties).Also another little observation was that it worked well with sensitive and acne prone skin too,as tested on a friend when she had come over for a few days,so that’s another plus
1.A good night cream for everyday use
2.Works on all skin types including sensitive and acne prone
3.Easy on the wallet(compared to high end brands that give similar results)
4.Includes firming ,renew and repair qualities
1.the product starts showing it’s effects after a few days of everyday use
2.It’s only meant to be used at night
3.Takes a good amount of massage time to blend completely (which is a pro and a con in my opinion
Those were all my thoughts on the products from Estrella. They do have a wide variety ranging from skincare to hair etc along with different sub categories in each.And after testing these products out for over 2 weeks I would say they’ve definitely earned a spot on my beauty shelf.
If you’re someone who’s looking for something new, hopefully this post will help you end your search
DO let me know your thoughts on the products – would you buy it ?
Have you already tried them? If yes , would you recommend it to a friend?
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