Q and A -Answering your questions!!


IMG_1257Hello peeps!!

A while back I did this amazing experimental shoot with my friends and I wasn’t able to figure out the kind of write up I wanted to give it! I had this concept in mind but too many ideas on the write up that I just couldn’t choose.Hence I decided, why not make this a collaborative effort and I asked you guys to ask me anything and EVERYTHING!! And you guys did. I’ve sorted my top 10 questions which I feel is frequently asked and is also kinda relevant to my blog,fashion and style 🙂


Q1: What is your zodiac sign?

I am a Pisces and I’m a true Piscean through and through (Sometimes I wish I wasn’t though).My Piscean side is what has inspired this shoot.We’re known to be incredibly moody where we can go from ecstatic to sad in a flash and red and blue is like a metaphor to the moods.I try to be not so moody in front of others buttttt….yeah! it is true.I do have the good traits too BTW 😛

Q2:How were you inspired to be a blogger and youtuber?

I’ve always wanted to start a blog for the longest time but was very self conscious and an extreme introvert (an entire blog dedicated to this topic is here) .Once I got into college it really helped shed that image of myself for me and I started caring less and less of what people thought.Once that happened everything else just followed 🙂 I wanted a space for me and my girls.


Q3:Who is my favorite youtuber?

I actually majorly watch youtube for comedy sketches,vlogs and fashion hauls and maybe sometimes for some recipes.Since I’m keeping this Q&A blog and fashion based I’ll juts name some of my favorite youtubers in this category

Michelle Phan



Simplykenna (you should definitely follow her if you want to geek out in style )

Q4:What’s your favourite season in terms of fashion?

I love fall fashion, even though we don’t really have very consistent fall weather but whenever I can I love to rock some boots and layers.But I HATE the rain part of fall


Q5:How would describe your style?

I love dressing up.Even my casual looks have some effort put into it.I believe in looking put together (for the most part) .Obviously I do have my days where I don’t give a care in the world.My style is definitely very girl next door.I’m a total “basic” girl as one would call it.Also as if I haven’t said this a 1000x times already I LOVE attention to detail.


Q6:Which blogger do you admire the most?

I would have to say Chriselle Lim.I’ve been following her from 2010( not sure about the year ) when she first appeared in Michelle Phan’s video.She’s come a lonngg way and yet remains the same.Plus her chic style is definitely aspiring.

Q7:If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

If you asked me this a few years back my answer would’ve been Paris.But now I have two destinations – New York (always a gossip girl/friends fan by heart) or London


Q8:Which celebrity style do you like?

This was probably the easiest question – Blake lively.She is a goddess! Right from the Gossip girl days to now, she just slays and so effortlessly .The fact that she doesn’t have a personal stylist is really commendable

Q9:How to start a blog?

This was probably the most asked question and to be honest the answer is quite simple.Just find a domain or site where you’d like to start and it’s just like opening a new social media account(it really is that simple).What shapes your blog is the concept and the making of it.I still have a LONG way to go so I can’t really give you an in depth answer but once I do I’ll do a revised version of this q and a

Q10:Which is your favorite social media?

I’ll answer this with a ranking (because I really can’t choose one)





(no I do not have a snapchat)

That’s enough about me why don’t you share something about yourself? ❤

XOXO Dimpy 🙂