Simply Desi For Dussehra




Happy Shoshti guys! (AKA the 6th day of Dussehra)

Being Bengali, means your September and October is pretty full every year. You’ve got to shop like atleast 7-8 outfits, one for each day and TBH this just takes a toll.So on some days you just gotta keep your Indian attire rather simple.And that’s where this post pops in.Now simple doesn’t mean you’re not festive enough.You can still be super desi with an easy breezy attire,because let’s face it India is not the coldest place on this planet (I feel like I talk about the weather too much,but hey,it’s kinda related to fashion since we all dress up based on the season).So keeping all this in mind,here’s my outfit- A simple white kurti with some self embroidery paired along with leggings of the same color and an orange dupatta with pom poms to add that pop of color.Now, since the attire is rather simple I decided to accessorize it with some standout antique kundan earrings and a bright bindi.


Now this was my look,but the beauty of this outfit is – each and every piece can be used to form various different outfits,which means you’re sorted for atleast 3 days of Dussehra with a different outfit each day (with the slighest modifications).

I always tend to opt for easy outfits over crazy complicated ones on days where I want to do some crazy travelling and Durga puja (Dussehra) is one of those holidays where you basically go Pandal hopping from day to night and it’s quite the hectic yet super fun affair.

There’s obviously those days when you’re going to be supremely over dressed (and those are probably the best days )and be a total princess for the day,but being all jazzed up on a hot and high on energy day will just make you look like a hot mess half way through.So guys enjoy the Pujos and don’t spend too much thinking about your outfits.The effortless ones are always the stand out ones.Plus, you rather save money for the food anyway, am I right?

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post, tomorrow is Shoptomi,which means the last four days are about to start and it’s about to get crazy fun.So enjoy guys and do leave a comment saying how you’re enjoying your Navratri!!


KURTA: All about you from Deepika Padukone (myntra)


HEELS: Primark

DUPATTA: Random find

XOXO Dimpy 🙂