Let your light shine from within



Being an introvert is not the best thing that could’ve happened to me.Especially when I always had so much to share from the inside but just couldn’t find my voice! To be honest, now I’m more of a semi introvert than a full fledged one.Which means I don’t get intimidated by every crowd I have to address. I’ve become more confident in myself and that’s when I realized the first step towards overcoming your fear is being confident in yourself, in your abilities.Now, don’t get me wrong.I’m not saying it’s an easy process but it certainly is achievable.IMG_1110

Now that’s not saying that all introverts lack confidence but it does certainly help when you’re trying to overcome it.My transformation began when I started going to college and honestly I have no particular reason for how it happened.It just did and I am truly grateful.Because of that tiny boost I decided to blog and put myself out there.

I must admit I am a lot more confident on the internet.Be it on a photoshoot for blogs or youtube.In real life I may be a little less( isn’t that why most of us start stuff online anyway?).What I’ve decided to do is take my internet self into my real self and it has really helped.Starting this blog too has helped in many ways as I’ve connected with more people, be it my audience, the brands or other bloggers.And let me tell you,that wasn’t easy.Putting myself out there and having to meet a room full of people still leaves me anxious all the time but then again once it’s over I do feel amazing!! And just thinking about that end result really helps me take my first step

That’s all it takes guys – a small change.It’s in all of us. A tiny little sparkle.You just need to find it and only YOU can do that.It could be a decision to just try harder or even the smallest change in career or environment that could bring out the best in you.So when you feel that coming, don’t hold back.Embrace the new you and acknowledge it.Know what you were and how much it has taken to change it.


Being an introvert is not necessarily a bad thing, but coming out of your shell or your comfort zone does have it’s perks, trust me! (Talking from first hand experience).

Just going to end this with a few pointers that I’ve learnt that has helped me:

  • Try to be the first one to start a conversation
  • Observe your friends and the people around you ( who are extroverts)
  • If the real world is too intimidating to start, start small, go digital and it can be as small as your facebook account too.
  • Before entering a crowd, take a deep breath and enter with a smile
  • Don’t walk with your head down
  • Always remember that you’re not going to meet 90% of the people ever again in your life (or atleast for a very long time)
  • And this last one is my personal fave – If you don’t feel confident, just act like it.I always like to act confident in situations when i’m not and it really helps me ease myself into the environment.IMG_1231

I hope you guys read through all of this and related to it even a little bit.Sending virtual hugs to fellow introverts.

XOXO Dimpy 🙂


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