Back to the 00’s – Ripped denim skirt


Anddd we’re back to early 00’s. The simple denim skirt is back and it’s all I’m wearing this summer.I used to love these skirts as a kid and it was my staple.The perfect denim skirt can be such a saviour for that basic girl who just loves her white tees and black jeans.What’s new in 2017? well, we wear everything ripped!!And this denim skirt is no exception.I found this denim skirt on a very random note and it was just the perfect color and fit. I had to get it! I paired this denim skirt with a bright red bodysuit and some white sneaks! (because what’s 2017 without them sneakers yeah?).Bodysuit is a must have summer piece,almost every top that looks good ,will look even better tucked in (it’s science,well it’s science in my head :P)and I’m pretty sure my summer will be spent buying and wearing loads of bodysuits.The rest was quite simple, neutral makeup, raybans and wavy hair. I like my denim to not be over distressed,minimalist rips is more my style and I love the unfinished hemline.


DENIM SKIRT: Real random find from Waves

SNEAKERS: New look


XOXO, Dimpy 🙂