Dressing Up On A Budget!


Let’s jump straight to business, shall we? We’ve all been guilty of buying too many clothes and buying them for the silliest reasons. Going through a rough day? Feeling down? Have to attend a party at a friend’s place? or well,just because you’re feeling like it.We’ve all been guilty on splurging mindlessly.But with all this mindless spending also comes a lot of unwanted expenses that leaves no room for actual needs and wants.Especially for someone who’s at the age of where you have to adult,well are you really adulting? Because that ramen on your bed says a LOT about what’s actually happening!! (We’re all guilty of this).

So we finally come to the topic of budgeting.To dress up on a budget and yet be ahead of the trends and on point with every single look!! Now, with the increase in fast fashion it’s really not necessary to budget.You tend to find great designer or high end replicas at a much much much cheaper price.But they also tend to be not so well made and you end up not wearing them more than once or twice just because they get ruined after the first wash or you simple don’t wear clothes more than once.Which leads to another problem, where you basically end up over buying (almost every week) just because you don’t have enough.It never hurts to save money even when you’re not spending much or buying expensive things.Buying cheap should never be an excuse to splurge mindlessly.


Okay, So having said that here are a few pointers you should remember for your next shopping trip.

  1. Always have your basics handy.(This point is pretty basic -see what I did there?)
  2. Your basics needn’t always be expensive to make them last longer(Some high street stores do some great basics that are pretty inexpensive)
  3. Wear good quality lingerie (A good undergarment or the right under garment is a must and I know they don’t come cheap (imagine wearing a backless dress with a bra showing?)
  4. Pair your basics with a standout piece for an instant outfit (THIS WORKS ALL THE TIME) and basically you will have atleast one piece that costs less and is a constant in your wardrobe
  5. Avoid splurging on items you won’t wear more than once!! (unless it’s a super special occassion.Then go for it girl)
  6. Try to go for one trend at a time (for eg: off the shoulder for the summer is huge so it makes sense to buy more pieces + you can always layer it with jackets for the colder months)
  7. High street or affordable doesn’t have to be cheap looking.You can still find great quality affordable stuff,you just gotta look for it and not reach for the first thing you find(Waiting for the seasonal sales to hit is a great back up).
  8. Before you buy more for an event,check your wardrobe and see if it’s actually necessary or you can mix n match an outfit.
  9. Accessories and shoes can change EVERYTHING.So don’t compromise on that and invest in statement pieces because you’ll always reuse jewellery (doesn’t mean it has to be expensive though)
  10. Your Basic pieces don’t always have to be neutral,jazz it up with some solid colors and different materials.Solid colors can be very easily paired with many different things.The possibilities are still endless.
  11. When you spot something you like but the price is too high always try to look for alternatives online or at other stores (with every store trying to replicate a trend you’re bound to find something similar elsewhere)

That’s it guys!! Those were a few of my pointers on shopping smart and efficiently.I know it’s more fun to shop without having to think much but it really does help in the long run and you still end up having a BOMB AF wardrobe which is still the main goal.

Let’s have do a break down on this outfit:


The off shoulder top is from Primark and I really loved the print and color and was perfect for the summer.

The skirt is from Primark too and is one of those basic pieces that can be paired multiple ways with different tops and the grey neutral color really helps with different looks

The heels are the stand out part of this outfit and the lace up detail is my absolute favee!!! I got those from Intoto.in (they were more expensive than my clothes but I’ll have more use of the shoes and will last me longer,plus I got them on discount)

The addition of a red lip and curled hair definitely elevates the look.

I hope you guys liked this and found it a little helpful 🙂

XOXO Dimpy