Chennai Ponnu- a campaign by Himalaya-product/campaign review

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The sun’s going strong here in my city and as a Chennai ponnu ( Chennai girl), I’ve learnt some tips and tricks to maintain my skin all through summer.Ever since I was a teen,Himalaya has been a part of my daily skin care routine and as I step into my early 20s , it still holds a place in my cabinet.So it figures that I was over the moon with the #chennaiponnu campaign by himalaya for the girls from south.

I’ve been living in this city for many many years and I’ve seen this city evolve and with evolution also comes a lot of pollution and Himalaya’s Neem based skin care range has come to my rescue all the time.And the Chennai ponnu campaign focuses on the himalaya neem skin care products and what it’s like to be a girl of the city.

We are on par with the trends while also sticking to our roots.Culture and concerts go hand in hand, and we can rock a saree just as much as a dress.We don’t shy away from our tasks in hand,while not letting any of this show up on our skin, thanks to Himalaya


I was thrilled when I received the package from himalaya and it was so much fun unboxing.They captured the spirit of Chennai very well with a quirky image of the Chennai auto.Inside the package was a super cool handbag, a t shirt, a key chennai that read Chennai ponnu and a facial kit comprising a neem face cleanser, a neem face scrub and a neem face pack followed by an invite to attend a campaign at the express avenue mall where they had a mob to dance on the super catchy new commercial song.


I’ve been using the Himalaya’s neem face cleanser for over 3-4 years and it has always worked really well with my skin.It does help keep acne at bay and the key is to use right from the start of your acne occurrence to get the best possible results.Keep in mind though,that everyday usage is not absolutely necessary if you have normal to dry skin.Instead stick to using it at the end of the day when you’ve had quite a hectic day followed by a soothing face cream. On the weekend, opt for an at home facial with the neem facial kit.I’ve tried to add this to my weekend routine and it has definitely furthered my acne prevention.Now I don’t panic if my skin has been long exposed to pollution,as I have just the right solution.


So this was my brief review on the campaign and the products.I hope you found this helpful and if you want to get your hands on some Himalaya products they have a contest going on right now on their facebook/twitter/instagram page,so don’t forget to check that out

XOXO, Dimpy 🙂