It’s a denim and lace affair



I know, I know, it’s been really long since I uploaded a blog post. I can’t believe I lost my streak of regular weekly posts,but I’ll try and keep it up starting from this blog post! πŸ™‚

So by the time you’re reading this, it’s already too unbearably hot out and for a scorching weather like this all you need is some iced juice and a wardrobe full of comfy basics like this button down denim skirt! (I also made a video curating four diff. outfits with this one denim skirt(not including this) so if you would want to see that, click here)

So for this outfit,I paired my denim skirt from h&m with a lace and scallop trim beige top from river island!! And I absolutely J’adore this top, it has such a personality of it’ own even in such a muted shade and you know what the best part is? it comes with it’s own silk camisole which helps completes the look without having to look around crazy for the perfect match. Keeping some basics in mind, white sneakers are not going anywhere for a while and why should it? It practically matches every single outfit in your wardrobe. Want something to go with your dress? sneakers, Hello! people are pairing sneakers with sarees, and damn, do they look ah-maze balls!!

Hair and makeup is quite simple here, and I definitely can’t head out without my raybans!!

TOP: River island


SHOES: New look


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XOXO Dimpy πŸ™‚