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Spring is here in full swing and before you know it it’ll be summer ( in my case it’s already summer here).So I thought,why not share some skin essentials that could help you guys get through this season, some products are a no brainer, but I have some products that are pretty new and are definitely worth a try!!

In the morning:

During the summer I prefer using a mild face wash. We all think that summers make us sweat and hence why we need a stronger formula to take all the stuff away from our face but it’s even more important to use a lighter formula that still does it’s job but is moisturising to the skin.

REMEMBER: Sweat does not equal to natural oils on the skin. we often tend to make this mistake and use a stronger formula to take all the things off


A good toner can do no wrong, and during summers is much much needed to have those pores closed as to not expose it to the sun,dirt etc! (if you live in India,you know what I mean)


Moisturiser / sunscreen

If you’re staying at home, a moisturiser is a must. we tend to take our skin for granted and assume that it doesn’t need that extra moisture during summer but ignoring that step could lead to your skin altering it’s natural skin type (trust me,that happens). But when you’re heading out you can skip the step for a sunscreen (one that would moisture + protect your skin from the sun) And with sunscreens don’t forget to crank up that SPF, The higher it is, the better. The key to proper sunscreen application is to apply 20 mins prior leaving the house and re-applying every 2-3 hours.


During the summers try to use as less makeup as possible and by that I mean try to skip that BB cream too. IF you’re just going to go grocery shopping or just some random outing where you’re just going to be with friends watch a movie, then why cake up your face? Let it breathe as much as you can, the lesser the makeup on a daily basis the better your skin will look and feel and eventually will lead to you not needing to put on more makeup. Just some mascara,filled in brows and a lip color should do the trick for you.



After returning from a long day or even if you were just at home you should still follow a healthy routine of cleansing-toning-moisturising. Coming back from a long day can be extra hard on your skin this summer and hence why I would recommend a cucumber based or any cooling face mask atleast once a week. apart from this at night after you’re done doing a usual (cleansing-toning-moisturising) don’t neglect a nice lip scrub, dead skin forms on your lips every single day and if you’re the type of person who wears matte lipstick everyday(who isn’t ?) then you wouldn’t want your lips to look super dehydrated and chapped, and a nice lip scrub every night will ensure you have the smoothest lips.A nice serum too,goes a long way to maintain your skin especially serum that is oil based, try to go for a night serum and you’ll see the difference every morning



  • 1.Drink loads of water, lesser the water intake it’ll reflect on your skin
  • 2.Wash your face with plain water as much as possible, in a day (I was my face with plain water atleast 4 times apart from my routine wash)

I hope you guys liked this post and found it helpful đŸ™‚

DISCLAIMER: All the products mentioned here have been personally used and all the opinions are from those experiences only, I’m not being paid or sponsored to mention any of this.

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