Date night!



Hey guys! A dress on a date night is soo predictable and you know what’s unpredictable? A date night surprise when you have no idea where you’re even going, so you could decide what to wear and I think I may have a found a middle ground(Sorta?).A dress is definately out of the question, because A.a dress on a date is soo over done. B.What if you went bowling?

So a nice flowy top is what I’ve chosen for this look.I chose an off the shoulder top to give it a nice feminine look and it also shows your collar bones which BTW is like the greatest asset(agreed?).This micro pleated top looked so girly paired off with a pair of grey skinny denims giving that perfect balance of fabrics. Andd since spring is hereee..there’s no reason why one shouldn’t start wearing off the shoulders again ehh?

I paired these with some classic black pumps(Which btw can be a little tricky if you’re not going for just a movie and dinner) and in that case just go casual with a pair of strappy flats or wedges.

Makeup and hair wise, again just simple blowdried and curled at the edges with a nice pinky nude lip!

TOP: New look

JEANS: New look

HEELS: aldo

XOXO Dimpy 🙂

P.s who’s excited for summer?

I know I am 🙂