As red as cola! Velvet edition part 2


Hey guys!! Another day,another blog post and another velvet lover.The part 2 of this series is on a velvet skirt! Now, as I type this I just realized that not only am I wearing a coca cola shirt but I also paired it with a red velvet skirt (same color as the logo) and hence why the title!! :P.And no. This is not sponsored by them,though that would be ah-mazing!

Anyway back to this outfit,I’ve gone for a casual chic look which is slightly cold weather appropriate by pairing the velvet skater skirt with a logo t-shirt and some knee high socks in black.Also keeping with the weather I’ve paired the socks with some burgundy boots.

Now I was going for this school girl chic(so gossip girl right?)+band chick, and hence decided to add the septum ring in! Now this outfit is definitely an eye catcher with the socks and velvet et all,so why not add a little septum ring? right? Added a red lipper and I was good to go!

This really was something different which I oh! so enjoyed rocking,and the septum ring was definitely a first for me.These septum rings were the removable ones,meaning you don’t have to be pierced for this(because I am trypanophobic).The only thing was that it was quite ticklish but that could just be me 😛

I really hope you guys liked the outfit and also the little rant at the end. 🙂

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XOXO Dimpy 🙂