Day 4-Mesh and tones of olive


Hey guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!!

So first post of 2017 huh? Now, as much as I’ve whined about 2016 being a bad year,on social media(mostly because I was upset over princess Leia’s death) it actually wasn’t.I mean, sure I’ve had to make some hard decisions and had to overcome some obstacles but that doesn’t mean it was all bad.I’ve made some great memories,I graduated this year and learnt many things in the process about what I want to do (and trust me,I am no where near it).So yes, now that I look back, it has been a good year,which gets me even more motivated to make the best out of 2017.

So back to this outfit,Day 4 of ‘5 days of winter’ and I’m going for the seasons most loved color-olive/khaki.I paired my olive suede skirt with a mesh top that has a nice sweet heart neckline.The polka dots with a velvet finish add a nice little design detail on the full sleeves.keeping the colors all muted,I added a pair of stockings to counter the winter chill.Finished it off with a pair of black strappy heels(And I know that I wear these heels an awful lot ,and I need a new pair cuz I’m wearing them out to soon).For hair I opted for some extra bouncy curls and I was good to go!

This outfit was perfect for the kind of day I was having,slightly sunny with a lot of chill air ❤

TOP: h&m

SKIRT: primark


HEELS: mast and harbour

Next post will be the last one of this series 🙂

XOXO Dimpy 🙂