Day 1- camo jacket + a quick update


Hello!!! So first a quick little update on where I live.So I live in the south of India and we were just hit by a really bad cyclone! Let’s just say my city and December,we don’t gel quite well. we have quite the history and just when I thought- you know what ? maybe , just maybe this year it won’t be that bad , we were hit.All of this resulted in a two day power cut+no network!Luckily we were well prepared,thanks to some early insight.Also thank God for early shoots or I would have no content!

So after that quick little ramble! let’s get on to the outfit,So I’ve decided to do a 5 days of winter series where each blog post will showcase a piece of clothing that is trending this winter for 2016! yay? So for this post the trending piece is a nice and cosy camo jacket/shirt.Now I must say,where I live, winter is just another name for fall like weather! So if most of you can’t relate,then I’m really sorry.Even I can’t wear a nice little parka or a long trench which sucks( really bad).So camo print has been huge this year, it was also quite trending for the past two years but I really saw this trend just pop right from late summer and I knew I had to get my hands on them.I feel that every year I always buy something camo because I end up wearing them a hella lot!! Camo print has evolved from just your jacket,it has travelled to accessories,jumpsuits etc.

I paired my camo jacket with a plain white tee with a bright red patch on the round neck and some color block navy blue sleeves.Keeping this look pretty casual I paired it with some black jeans and some white sneakers.A high ponytail and some maroon lips(soo wintery 😛 ) to complete the look.


PANTS: kraus jeans


SNEAKERS: New look

LIPS: colorpop (avenue)

XOXO Dimpy 🙂

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