Indian Festive look! (Navratri edition)


Hey Guys! Shubho Navomi/Shubh Navratri.It’s that time of the year, when we get bombarded with not one, but two festivities back to back! First comes Navratri that lasts for 9-10 days and then Diwali.Like I said in my last post that I’ll be sharing various festive looks and this one is festive look numro uno!I decided to start off this festive extravaganza with a lehenga.

Nothing makes me happier than ethnic shopping for festivities,and this year I decided to go for a lehenga(a combo of a maxi skirt,blouse and a dupatta) look.I generally love shopping for lehengas in boutiques and stores that only sell ethnic wear because that’s where you’ll find really unique handcrafted pieces.I went festive shopping in Kolkata and came across this beaut! What attracted me the most was the fact that the dupatta was in a totally different color which complimented the rest of the elements very well without even a hint of red in the skirt or the blouse.The neutral beige of the skirt really brought out the fuschia and green in the blouse .The red dupatta was a refreshing change while still staying vibrant in it’s own right!

The subtle lace in the same color as the top layer gives a nice dimension to the skirt, without being too design heavy.I do have to admit, the skirt is a little on the heavier side but that’s what helps give that slight mermaid look,with a flowy bottom compared to the top(also perfect for that slo-mo twirl :P).The blouse was custom made to how I wanted the back and front to be in addition to the tassels on the back.

As for accessorising,I just went for some nice gold chandbaalis with goddess motifs and some green stone detailing to bring out that little bit of green from the outfit.I preferred to keep the accessories rather simple as it was just festive and not for a wedding (eventhough, you can totally go minimalistic for a wedding too) and finished it off with some heels so I wouldn’t trip on the lehenga (story of my life :P)

Hope you guys liked this look ❤

can’t wait to share more festive looks 🙂 Also find me on insta – dimpyscorner

XOXO Dimpy 🙂