Fashion app review! Zwibe

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Hey guys! This post will be a little different,instead of outfits I’ll be reviewing an app! But don’t worry it’s still fashion related (you know me guys 😛 ).When I decided to be a fashion blogger, it was more to enhance something that I was good at and wanting to engage with the online community who share similar interests.But nowadays, with so many different apps and startups you don’t even have to have a blog to do so,With apps such as zwibe,sharing thoughts and your outfit inspirations has become not just easier but it also helps your friends or people connected to you to easily get access to the things you’re showcasing.How?Zwibe allows you to post pictures of different categories such as fashion,gadgets,automobiles etc,so when you post something on zwibe it’ll  have a buy button where one can buy the exact same thing or something similar. This not just saves your time but also helps making shopping a whole lot easier.And I’m not even done yet! If your friend or an online user buys from  your image then you’ll receive a commision from  zwibe,WHAT? I’m not kidding guys.You’ll actually be paid for suggesting someone something! How amazing is that!Your words of wisdom/opinion will actually mean more than just a suggestion.It’s great for earning some extra money you can always use for more shopping and movies that you can directly pay for from your zwibe wallet!

Very often a celebrity gets paid for endorsing a brand they probably don’t even use? well you can get paid for endorsing something that you actually use only on zwibe!

How it works:

1.Create a zwibe account

2.Upload pictures of outfits,gadgets,automobiles etc

3.’Buy button’ on your images leads the user to the products(in the app itself)

4.When someone makes a purchase,a commission is credited to your zwibe wallet

simple right?

So go ahead guys,try the app,it has some great associations with giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong , forever21,bookmyshow and other brands that you can use to directly make payments from your zwibe wallet

I already have a zwibe account and I’m really enjoying the experience,let me know what you guys thing…

The app is available both on android and ios

SO go ahead guys! zwibe and earn

XOXO Dimpy 🙂