A wanderlust’s UK diary!


Hey lovelies! This blog post is going to be a different one and not one of  my usual fashion posts! I have just returned from a very long vacation from the UK and just wanted to share some travel and vacation pictures and some tid-bits on my trip.

So in this blog I’ll be sharing my trips to London and Brighton.I had visited other places too in the UK but sharing all of that will require atleast two more blogs so I just wanted to keep it short and sweet with these two places only.

This was my second time in UK and it was just as amazing and magical as the first time.The little tourist couldn’t have been more excited.The mix of historic architecture with modern glass buildings blended so well together,I just wanted to live there forever.

Obviously when you’re abroad it’s kind off mandatory to do a lot of shopping and shopping, I did.Obviously Primark was my destination for on trend but not too expensive clothing followed by various other high street moguls.Also got to buy some designers goodies which will all be displayed in the upcoming blogs.

The highlight of my trip was definitely Brighton,I’m such a water girl and the beach just calls for me and when you have a beach and rides all at the same place you bet your boots I’ll be there to do it all.We had a two day stay in Brighton where one day was dedicated to the rides while the next day for the beach(such efficiency:P).I obviously had to eat some fish and chips while trying to protect myself from the sea gulls :P.I visited some other amazing places too but honestly that’ll just need more blog posts to cover.

Overall I had an amazing trip and would love to go back again,but for now, back to work mode and some super exciting collabs and outfit posts await.Let me know in the comments below where you guys are going/went for a vacation and also do you like seeing posts like these.

The outfit featured in the post is as follows:

Crop top: primark

Ripped jeans:primark

Strappy sandals: office


Bag: BHS

XOXO Dimpy!