Milk and blush hair extension review!



Hey guys! like promised, I’m putting up my review on the milk and blush hair extensions and how I found my perfect shade.

Note: I’m no hair expert,so all the opinions are through trial and error and 100% genuine, I was not sponsored to do this.

So let’s get started on my entire experience of my first purchase.Since I have medium length hair,it’s hard to rock long hairstyles or complicated braids.So after a lot of research I came upon Milk+blush and I started doing all my research from head to toe,going through youtube,blogs etc.Now after choosing milk and blush to be my first pair of extensions my second dilemma was to choose the right shade that would match my colored hair,and since they were going to be a little pricey I wanted to be 100% sure because I didn’t want to deal with all the return and exchange(but for all the people who don’t mind going through all this (M+B does provide a trial weft of extensions so you don’t have to open the entire one, only to find it not your true match).My hair extensions cost me 114 pounds.

They do have nice swatch pictures of the shades which are honestly quite accurate,and the descriptions do help seal the deal, but since I was such a skeptic I decided to email them(which BTW hands down, the best customer service ever),They ask you to send a picture of your hair in natural light and then they give their expert opinion(which is what I went for and found my true match).

The delivery was quite quick,mine arrived in 3 days(in UK) and it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve had it and it has been working great for me,the application is quite easy and just takes 15 minutes,It’s made of real remy hair so you can do all sorts of things to it like style and curl etc.

Maintenance: In these 3 weeks I’ve washed it twice with shampoo and conditioner,let it dry and then brush it out gently.I gently oil it with coconut oil since there’s no way other way for it to obtain it’s natural oils.

PROS: 100% remy hair

can be styled well

blends in and has a natural look

CONS:cheaper alternatives available(haven’t tried them personally)

maintenance required

Hope you guys found this useful,

XOXO Dimpy 🙂