feminine appeal part #2 series


Hey guys!!! First of all, yes I am aware that there are too many pictures in this blog post(but I just had that many).Anyway guys…so I’m back with another look featuring this top from forever21 aka the part 2 series.So for this look I went for a more feminine option paring a simple tshirt with a bodycon printed skirt which also has neutral tones,so eventhough the skirt has bold prints it’s still subtle because of the neutral shades.To keep with the feminine feel of the outfit, I paired it with some nice black heels with gold metal detailing which I had bought recently as part of my birthday shopping . The heels are BTW really comfortable, because of it’s sturdy heel which BTW is super essential when buying heels otherwise you wouldn’t even last 5 mins.Anyway coming back to the outfit I paired this with my michael kors rose gold watch and let my hair loose since it was blow dried anyway.Also I’m wearing this really adorable statement pendant which again has rose gold metal and has green stones in the shape of a heart.

Also BTW if anyone wants to know I’m wearing barrym on my nails,




SKIRT: forever21

HEELS: inc5


WATCH: michael kors

XOXO Dimpy 🙂