festive wear-Diwali edition #ootd






Hey guys so Diwali is fast approaching and I already see people lighting up their houses and bursting crackers so I thought I would do a Diwali edition post before Diwali . So anyone looking for some last minute ethnic wear that is also super comfortable yet very ethnic this is definetely for you.So during the day one has pujas taking place in their house and if you’re not the person who would wear a saree or a churidaar or any attire that has more than two elements in it, I recommend you to go for a nice festive kurti . I went with this royal blue kurti with gold undertones that has a faux purple collar with gold detailings, I also paired it with some red leggings to keep it vibrant since Diwali is such a vibrant fest.For footwear I opted for an ethnic pair of platforms with beading details on them and went with a small burgundy tote bag to finish up the look ,far as accessories go, I opted for a pair of gold hoops with beads in the same colors as the kurti to tie the look together. For my hair I went for voluminous waves and also I highly recommend you guys to tie your hair if you’re going to do anything involving fire.And I wish you guys Β a happy and Β prosperous diwali. πŸ™‚







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